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  • Making Government Accountable & Funding Our Priorities

    Tami fights to make government more efficient and more accountable for your tax dollars. She insisted that Wall Street Banks pay their fair share by closing their tax loopholes, and insists on performance audits at every level of government.  Tami understands tough choices - she even cut her own legislative salary in order to balance the state budget - and consistently prioritizes spending to protect our children and the most vulnerable.

  • Supporting Schools and Kids

    As a mother and a grandmother, Tami knows that a good education is an investment in our economic future. She has long fought against additional cuts to public school funding, and is passionate about reducing class sizes and fighting for early learning and after school programs. 

  • Creating Jobs and Supporting Families

    Tami’s top priority is to keep workers employed and families in their homes. She funded local projects and reformed our workers' compensation system to create jobs, reduce taxes for businesses. She has also fought for affordable tuition at our local community and technical colleges, to make higher education available for all.

  • Supporting Veterans and Seniors

    Tami is the wife of an Air Force veteran and was raised in an active-duty family. She personally understands the challenges that face military and working class families. Tami expanded higher education opportunities and property tax relief for disabled veterans. She stood up for our seniors by providing high quality in-home care services and low cost prescription drugs for those in need.

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